Keep your bag out of the shampoo for 3 full days, with a little water to drain


Generally, it is too fat and overweight, in comparison with carbohydrates and fatty acids. However, because we are dangerous for our health, we do not think of a reasonable amount of sugar. Many people do not know how much sugar is consumed in products with products such as legumes, soda, salad, candy, candy, candy, etc.

Usually these products store high levels of sugar in our body. A simple carbideat found in it; Legumes, honey, natural fruit juices, bananas and mangoes.

Our environment quickly uses energy as energy. This process builds up the blood sugar level in our bodies. This has a negative effect on our total health. Worse yet, these extra glucose levels cause malnutrition.

Sugar has more negative effects, which include: Feelings of anxiety and related tiredness, feeling of depression, infiltrating, chilling, headaches, sinus problems, confusion and sleep. Additionally, excessive levels of diabetes, including diabetes and diabetes, and breast cancer.

Sugar and liver combined with total increase?

When we take too much sugar, it changes the body's sugar into energy. This is part of the brain: My body gradually becomes as fat as body fat. Certain types of instant noodles that make up different dishes do not have the same effect on our body as natural sugars. If you lose these products, you can cause bacteria in their blood, which in turn increases blood sugar levels. And this type of sugar turns to fat! We all know diabetes. When people eat a lot of sugar, their bodies are thick, dandelion, face and tail are unnecessary.

Let's go sugar!

Stopping sugar is a hard task. Some experts believe that if they do not stop eating, they can not stop or stop smoking. Some people try to avoid sugar in the diet but usually it starts with headache, sadness, weakness, lust, and weakness. If someone does not have diabetes, these signs appear afterward. The body satisfies the inner self and meets the hungry.

Often, sugar additives are again sweet, but this is very bad. Headaches, sugar, and other similar emotions get destroyed, and they happen more frequently when the body boils into sugar. If you want to stop your consumption of sugar, make sure to include your entire diet.

Three days sugar diplo

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Legumes, Almonds or Berries or Three Eggs (weeds)
  • Snooping: Small cages
  • Lunch: A packed chicken breasts and a bean stew, red curd, carrot, pineapple, beans and beans (simple food) and diamonds.
  • Supper: Pulses and boiled fish, or salmon and flax and brunch

Day 2

  • Breakfast: In three plants, fruits and almonds, or three eggs (weeds).
  • Snooping: Small red cottages
  • Lunch: Zucini with red and yellow hair, salty and butterflies, or red or green garlic, salad and carrot, olive oil, salted and lemon juice and oil.
  • Supper: Bean soup, vegetable and night vegetables, or cooked coconuts and roasted corn and Brazilian sprouts

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Amputees, berries and beans, powdered milk, broccoli, and eggplant salad, shrimp and three eggs (fear).
  • Snooping: Small red cottages
  • Lunch: Roasted chicken roses in lemon, corn and rosemary or roasted chicken in black olive oils, black and onions.
  • Supper: Onions, garlic, carrot, carrots, summer leaves and yogurt with head lice, or pasta shells, cheese and tomato oils (flesh can be added)


It is very important if you want to stop rather than drink. If you remove the sugary drinks, they may bump into addiction to sugar. You can drink healthier drinks that make you feel better and more comfortable, and promote your healthy diet faster.

  • Discharge WaterCombine cereals, sprouts, oranges or strawberries with fish or vegetable marrow and mix them with refined water. Fry the refrigerator in the refrigerator to the water in the daily cupboard.
  • Tea: Green or vegetable can use tea, but make sure it is unusual. Drink three servings each day.
  • Coffee: You can drink only one cup a cup of black coffee a day, but not sweet.

After these 3 days, headaches, depression and fatigue are completely gone and you can live without sugar. Healthy sweets are a time to eat at least the least amount of sugary juice, such as dried fruits, fresh fruit, or other delicious ingredients. They bring them great rest and are healthy.

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