5 What can you do when you watch television?


On each side, start with a 10-15-fold increase in each movement, then repeat both sequences.


How to Do It Hanging on the armchair, Otomania or at your feet. Your knees should be extended and your toes must be forced. Stretch both hands on the ground with his hands. From this point of view, close your lap to lift your feet straight up to the ceiling. Then release the broadcast to complete a report.

Where you feel On your back and in your words.

2. Thilous Dip Picks

For TRICEPS DIP KICKS Beauty Label gif

How to Make: Put on your foot on the bottom of the hinge on the pitch of your pitch and fingertips on a sofa or chair. Walk to your feet until the edges of your shaft are removed. To lower your shoulders to the floor, hold your neck behind you to cover your shoulders completely with your thumb. Down on the floor, lift your feet to the left, slot your fingers and push your legs straight. Then, when you fill the palm of the ground, return your answer to the ground and avoid the legs of your land so as not to take the head off to the beginning. This is a report.

A place you can: In your traffic, your shoulders, and your face.

3. Bicycles

For BICYCLES Sports gif

How to do it: Sit on the edge of the bed and then turn 45 to the left, spreading both legs to the ground. Hold both your hands through your chest and open your palms to the sides. Then, when you left your left side to the left and left to your left, to the right of the right of the right hand corner. Keep moving your hands and feet back and forth.

Where you feel Your ball, equation, and objects.

4. Support products

You hang on the right side of your right and your head upstairs or your right hand. Tie both legs and attack the fingers. From here, buy your neck and lift your left leg up to the ceiling, stabilize the knee the whole time. Drive the foot to the starting position to complete a representative. Fill out all your releases, then repeat the reverse.

Where you feel Your external lug and side socket.

5. Fluids

Keep your left foot in front of one form to put on your left foot. They hang on your shoulders and pull your knees and knees out of your toes and hang on your knees to lower the knees. Press the defending leg to return to position. Fill out all your releases, then repeat the same number on the opposite side.

Where you feel Your shapes, body, and tails.

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