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Calcium is a toxic substance that is addictive as a drug. An average person consumes at least 50 grams of sugar and our body takes more than is needed.

Excessive consumption of excess sugar can cause serious problems such as weight loss, diabetes, toothache, high cholesterol, and cancer. Now they know they can eliminate diabetes.

We want to show this fifty-one day softening plan and start refresh your body and reduce your dependency on your sugar. This superb food is very simple, and it is effective for natural products, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, salt, and seeds, as well as natural products. Completing this Twentieth Day: The Sugar Purposes Plan Your Power Increases Your Force And Helping Remedy Your Sugary Needs and Your Tiring. Scroll down to look at your diet plan.

Twenty-one day diet

You can follow this 7-day plan for three weeks and adjust your needs.

Day 1
Breakfast: Throw eggs with tomato and spinach.
Snooping ROMAN.
Lunch: Half cups of Tuna and Brown rice
Supper: Taste of meat with pork and red onion.

Day 2
Breakfast: Natural Health and Two Bananas.
Snooping: One cup of clay cup.
Lunch: A poultry salad with an apple.
Supper: Juicy juice.

Day 3
Breakfast: Fruit salad between Orange, Kisis and Chateau.
SnoopingTwo gentlemen.
Lunch: Tomato soup and salami salad.
Supper: Cracked breast milk on orange.

Day 4
Breakfast: Omele with Tallas, Racquela and Tomato.
SnoopingOne black fruit.
Lunch: Gordo Avocado and Tomato with Greenwich.
Supper: The preserved dried legume with fracas.

Day 5
Breakfast: Soy protein, honey and sorghum.
Snooping: Ten tenants.
Lunch: Mushroom soup and a sweet butter.
Supper: Turkey's Slow Shock with Sweet Potatoes.

Day 6
BreakfastTwo spicy foods with sponges and pumpkins.
SnoopingTwo orange ones.
Lunch: A fruit salad and a banana.
Supper: Baked fish is pharmacy and brownies.

Day 7
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, 10 aroma and orange juice.
SnoopingTwo sticks.
Lunch: Nursing baby born and half cup mother.
Supper: Crème brunaly Shower and fresh fruits

Rules you must follow:

– Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea
– Remove Sonic
– Avoid sweets, cookies, and cakes
– Never eat your evening after 8PM
– Drink lots of water
– Regularly practice
– Get enough sleep
– Praise stress (yoga, meditate)
– Never smell a meal
– Do not follow the meal over 21 days without being recommended
– Consult your dietitian or your doctor before starting your diet

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