10 Physical Fitness for Body and Group Tolen Lover Moss


If you do not use it, you may not get it! It is the same for your feet and suckers (especially during the day). If you need a strong, physically fragile body, you need to make some practice that targets those areas. And when you can afford your best equipment, why not change these 10 foot and bottom jobs?

Stopping your belts, legs and thighs will not only help you to work on other activities and day activities. Generally, it can reduce the number of emergencies and even lower back pain. how? Can you ask? When you want to strengthen your belts, nose and thighs you can strengthen the muscles that connect to the abdomen below and the muscles. Most do not know, at Hands And the glands are weak, and often contribute to the pain in the back.

Muscles (muscles, bone throat, spinal cord, etc.) Muscles, muscles, spinal erectors, etc. Muscles (muscles) Muscles (muscles, etc.) These internal muscles are weak (with plenty of physical and physical fitness) Inactivity), spinal bone (henceforth to Lower back pain).

The Ice MusclesWhen it is weakened, it can not support the gum's spinal cord, resulting in pain in the back. Rather than reinforcing the strength of hardened muscular muscles, our body uses the power of the lower and lower limbs.

Thus, as you see, walking outdoors for 15-20 minutes to make some of your feet and darker shades not only improve your lice but also reduce your body pain.

10 Stomach and Benton Towing Exercise

Do your sporting exercises to help you have a more rigid and more mature maturity. This only has this procedure one An experience related to disability, so do not worry!

Complete the entire cycle (or one day from the foot of the fifth room, and share five experiences from the section) to target your lower body. Take each activity 2-3-20 times per second.

Start with 5 to 10 consecutive tests completed only 2 to 2 times. It will increase the frequency and save one week later.

Direct order

1. Emergency clans

Live straight at the foot of your feet. Keep the head down and close by keeping your head and chest open. Reinstall your Belts, thrash and act on your belts. Get up, and then take a little aside and shoot again. Revert to the original position until the order is complete and repeat this side to side action.side by side

2. uncleanness

Take your height and length of bread on the foot of your foot. Keep your back straight and your upper body is fine and durable. Get in and take the side to your left leg. Put your weight in your left foot, right across to the left and right leg to the back. Keep your left legs in the floor until the floor is on the floor, then move to the left. Fill out 15 to 20 reps at one foot, and repeat until the end of that time.

Lubricated lungs "Width" 640 "Height =" 749

3. Turning up

At the feet of your feet, straight down, chest tightened, and your shoulder stride backward. Push your thumbs up so that your tail rolls against the floor. Press your foot to move in, to increase your hands, to add the trunks and to catch a breath. Repeat till the collection is over.

Forward straight "width =" 640 "height =" 749

4. The Lapse of Lantern

Swing your hands under your shoulder, and vary widely with the knees. Stay neutral and hold your foot, hold your feet together. Bring your legs to the corridor and maximize the pitch as much as possible on the floor. Keep the movement and repeat the reproduction until the phone is finished.

Wafer "width =" 640 "height =" 480

5. Hating the baby's blockage

Get your back straight in the air above your waist. If there are swimming robbers, stop at the center of the foot underneath your body and hold the handles on your chest (keep your feet strong and long, but do not lock the knees). Your legs remain open until the hands are in a position of stability, and the band is firm. Slow slowly until the order is over, and repeat it repeatedly.

Foot hug "width =" 640 "height =" 491

Shuffle order

6. The dissident

Straight your legs straight, your feet flat on the floor. Make sure the back of the section is straight, the arms are hanging wide on the floor. They can hold the weight of this practice to increase the score. Slow down your back as soon as possible. The knees should only be partially shifted and the weight of your feet taken. Turn your hips forward and back to the starting place. Change the legs for each set.

Grave height "width =" 640 "height =" 844

7. Hip-Lifts

On both sides set 5-10 pound shinning screams and lie down in ashes. The knees slide, the feet are flat and unmatched on the floor (below the bottom of the bottom). Hold a scream in each hand and keep them away from your clutter. Keep your feet. Raise your resilience from the lungs and lift your thigh up to the ceiling. Hold this space for a second and then place your arms back in and out. Do not put your belts in the most sophisticated people before completing collection.

Spring Land "width =" 640 "height =" 294

8. Hip extensions

Keep your hands and knees firmly on the floor, firmly on the floor. Shift your right leg and move upwards so that your feet stay on the Islamic side at a 90-degree angle. All your thighs, thumbs and knees want to make sure that all sides are on the floor. Before buying it, buy down all the way down and repeat all the seasons. Combine your neck with your spine (down, downward) – and remove the back of your neck. Increase the lenght to increase the probability of this practice or to capture the outcry behind the force.

Hindi Extensions "width =" 640 "height =" 446

9. Breaking feet

Lay on your knees on the floor and cover it on the floor. Your hands are flat on the floor and the sleeves fall down. He raised the right angle (90 degrees) to the floor and flopped to the floor, floating down to the floor. Your right knee stays stuck. Bend your feet down to the floor and buy your left and right arrows without leaning on your waist and forearm. Keep your eyes on the ceiling and continue for 30 seconds before you can see on your two sides.

Bridges Pointer "Width" 640 "Height =" 513

10. A built-in hive

Lower your arms and knees, and place your jaw into the floor. Use one knee to work on the floor, bypass the floor and adjust the floor with your floor pavement with the floor. Raise your foot from here to 40 degrees, then back to the rear starting point (like finger lifting). If this is a serious problem, you can pull down for a short time before lifting your leg. Repeat for the desired music scene until it reverts.

Strong Transition Style "width =" 640 "height =" 495

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